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Here is a list of useful organisations and websites that are relevant to domestic violence or related  issues.  For more information and contact details of Northern Ireland Women's Aid groups click here.


  UK and Ireland Women's Aid Groups

  Counselling/Advice for men


  Counselling/Advice for men and women

  Counselling/Advice for children and young people


  Government Agencies 

  Domestic Violence International

  UK Domestic Violence Forums

  Other Useful Organisations

Click on organisations that are underlined to go directly to their website. If you would like to include a website link on this page, please email Stephanie.


UK & Ireland Women's Aid Groups



  Northern Ireland Women's Aid Federation is the Lead agency working to eliminate domestic violence. They provide advice, emotional support and emergency accommodation for women and children experiencing domestic violence. Visit their website to find a local Women's Aid Group.  24hour helpline 0800 917 1414  

Belfast Women's Aid 

(02890) 666049  
    Antrim Women's Aid    
    Foyle Women's Aid

(028) 71280060

    Dublin Women's Aid  (00353) 1 874 5301  
    National Network of Women's Refuges and Support Services Ireland (00353) 46 49049  

Scottish Women's Aid

(0131) 4752372 Fax: (0131) 4752384  

Women's Aid Federation England

( 0117) 944 4411 Fax: (0117) 924 1703  

North Manchester Women's Aid 


Sandwell Women's Aid 


Havant Women's Aid 


Southhampton Women's Aid 


Coventry Haven


Harrogate Women's Aid 


Basildon Women's Refuge

    Welsh Women's Aid Tel:  01970 612 748  
Counselling/Advice for Men
    Men's Advisory Project provides information, counselling and referral for abused men and men going through separation.  (02890) 241929  
    The Men's Project aims to increase awareness of the issues facing men and boys in the North of Ireland and promote their social inclusion. (02890) 90310891  
    MOVE ( Ireland ) Domestic Violence  
M.O.V.E. (Ireland) Men Overcoming Violence.   There is another way, a self help Group for men who use domestic violence. 
 Dublin  8724357 Fax: 8735737  
    Man2Man  Advice and information on male victims of domestic violence. Telephone: 02086989649  
Counselling/Advice for Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual/Transgendered
    Cara Friend - gay and lesbian counselling (Belfast). GAY HELPLINE (028) 9032 2023 Mon/Tue/Wed:7:30pm - 10pm LESBIAN LINE (028) 9023 8668 Thurs: 7:30pm - 10pm  
    Foyle Friend Information, support and advocacy services for people who are lesbian, gay, bi-sexual (Derry). 028 71263120 helpline Thursday 7.30-10pm 02871264400  
    Belfast Butterfly Club: A voluntary organisation founded in 1991 to provide information, advice and support for transvestites, transsexuals, their parents, families and friends. 07885 430 408  
    CoSo - Coalition of Sexual Orientation works in close conjunction with the Northern Ireland Equal Opportunities Commission to ensure equality for the LGBTT community. (028) 9031 9030  
    Rainbow Project is a gay men's sexual health organisation. It is a strong, youthful and dynamic organisation. The group exists to improve the emotional, physical, and mental health of gay men living in, working in, or visiting Northern Ireland. (028) 9031 9030  
    SOLA - survivors of lesbian abuse -information, advice and support to lesbians who have experienced physical, emotional or sexual abuse in a relationship (England).  Helpline Thursdays 7-9pm 0171 328 7389  

Counselling/Advice for Men and Women

    Healthy Relationships, addiction and relationships site  
    Rape Crisis Centre  1800 778 888  
    Nexus Institute provides counselling and support to victims of sexual abuse  (02890) 326803  
    Victim Support offers information and support to victims of crime.  (02890) 244039  
    RELATE and Relate Teen counselling for people experiencing marital/relationship problems. Counsellers receive training on domestic violence. (02890) 323454   
    The Samaritans provide a service for lonely, despairing, suicidal people. 24 hour helpline (02890) 664422  
    Belfast Rape and Sexual Abuse Centre (02890) 249696  
    Citizen's Advice Bureau (CAB) provide a free, independent, impartial and confidential service on social security, housing, employment, debt, legal, consumer and a range of other issues associated with domestic violence.   (02890) 231120  

On Divorce - a point of reference for all those facing a break up in their relationship: 


Solo - Irish lone parents website aimed at people bringing up their children on their own.

    Accord Catholic Marriage Care Service Northern Ireland - Counselling and Marriage Preparation.  Has offices in Belfast, Ballymena, Downpatrick, Derry, Newry, Omagh, Enniskillen, Armagh, Maghera   (02890) 233002

Fax - (02890) 328113

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Counselling Advice for Children and Young People

    Barnardos Domestic Violence Project - Simpson Family Resource Centre  (028) 91271538  
    Childcare Northern Ireland provide high level intermediary policy, membership and training service for the voluntary child care sector operating in the areas of training information and policy.  (02890) 234499  
    NSPCC -Child Protection Helpline  0900 900 500  
    Children's Law Centre Helping young people, their parents and professionals work with and understand laws which affect children. 028 90245704  
    Northern Ireland Women's Aid Refuges   24 hour helpline 0800 917 1414  
    Northern Ireland Housing Executive (NIHE) provide temporary and permanent accommodation.  Staff can advise those who are experiencing domestic violence with housing advice and arrange temporary accommodation if necessary.  See Yellow pages for Local Office  
    Homeless Advice Centre offers advice on homelessness and emergency accommodation (02890) 317000  
    Simon Community provides 24 hour support and accommodation with subsequent resettlement assistance for homeless individuals and those threatened with homelessness (02890) 232882  
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Government Agencies
    Police Service Northern Ireland (PSNI) have experienced Domestic Violence Officers who can provide support and advice to victims of domestic violence.   999 or (02890) 650222 and for local Domestic Violence Officer  
    Probation Board Northern Ireland (PBNI) is committed to developing services which help perpetrators of domestic violence to stop their violent behaviour and assistance will be given to help victims access relevant services provided by other agencies.   (02890) 262400   
    Social Security Agency.  If there is a breakdown in a relationship as a result of domestic violence, financial help may be available by way of Income Support/Jobseekers Allowance depending on individual circumstances.  Help is also available from the Social Fund by way of a grant or loan.  Information and advice on all Social security benefits is also available. See Yellow pages for Local Office  
    Department of Health & Social Services (DHSS) The aim of the statutory health and Social Services agencies is to promote the welfare of women and children.  Social workers can give advice, support and practical help, as well as advising on various options available.  See Yellow pages for Local Office  
    The Law Centre can offer advice on legal issues surrounding domestic violence.   (02890) 244401  
    The Northern Ireland Office    
    Northern Ireland Court Service  
    Northern Ireland Research & Statistics Agency    
    Domestic Violence 
Home Office Government Policy Around Domestic Violence 


The Child Support Agency  


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Domestic Violence International
    Zero Tolerance - Domestic violence campaigning group (0131) 221 9505  
    Domestic Violence Intervention Project  
    European Campaign Against Violence Against Women  
    Domestic Violence Data Source  
    WAVE Women Against Violence Europe (WAVE) is the European network of non-governmental women's organisations working to combat violence against women and children.  

Feminist Internet Gateway also contains link to Violence against Women gateway.

    Austrailian Domestic Violence Clearing House  

Model Domestic Violence Policy

    www.hotpeachpages.net worldwide list of agencies which may provide help around domestic violence issues.    
    www.womensrefuge.org.nz the National Collective of Independent Women's Refuges Inc., the umbrella organisation of 51 Women's Refuges around Aotearoa/ New Zealand.    


  heart-2-heart.ca  Heart 2 Heart is a non-profit d-base for abused men and women.  
    USA Domestic Abuse Help at www.domesticabusehelp.com  
    www.powa.co.za People Against Women Abuse is an NGO based in South Africa.


 UK Domestic Violence Forums
    Rossendale Domestic Violence Forum  
    Guernsey Domestic Violence Forum   
    Nottinghamshire Domestic Violence Forum    
    Newcastle Domestic Violence Forum  
    East Herts Domestic Violence Forum  
    The South West Glasgow Domestic Violence Forum  

Manchester inter agency forum on violence against women by known men

    Cheshire Domestic Violence Forum  
    Peterborough Domestic Violence Forum  
    MK Domestic Violence Forum  
    Reading Domestic Violence Forum  
    Kingston Domestic Violence Forum  
    Camden Domestic Violence Forum  
    The Northern Circuit Domestic Violence Group    
    Darlington Domestic Violence Forum  

Other Useful Organisations

    On divorce  a point of reference for all those facing a break up in their
    Telephone Helplines Association     

netmums.com/belfast, is a website run on a voluntary basis by local mums which aims to bring together all the information collected over the years by local experienced mothers and make it available for all local mums in the Belfast area and beyond.

    The Survivors' Directory  is an essential tool for all agencies working with survivors of sexual, physical and mental abuse  
    Northern Ireland Council for Voluntary Action (NICVA) Tel: (028) 9087777  
    Justice For Women is a feminist organisation that supports and campaigns for women who have fought back against or killed violent/abusive male

    The Ulster Community Investment Trust (UCIT) is a 'Not for profit' organisation which provides loan facilities, free financial support and mentoring to groups within the community economic development sector.

    The Women's Health Council is a statutory body responsible for advising the Government on women's health issues. 

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